Thankful and grateful to be a Winnipegger

Winnipeg's green copy of trees always looks impressive from the air.


This Thanksgiving season, I want to take a few moments and reflect on how much we as a community have to be thankful for. I have been proud to call Winnipeg home for most of the past 25 years now, with the last seven or so of those years spent living in family-friendly Windsor Park.

While complaining about our city may be a favourite pastime of many Winnipeggers (and I happily include myself in that group), I think that, deep down, most of us feel blessed to live in such an awesome place. I’m not much of a world traveller but I have visited enough urban centres to genuinely appreciate that our metropolis is anything but a concrete jungle. To this day, every time I’m on an airplane flying over Winnipeg I’m amazed at how green our city is, with its beautiful canopy of trees and plenty of parks and greenspace.

While the rest of the world may not think our winters are worth bragging about, we are actually pretty lucky in that we get to experience all four, distinct seasons. My daughter gets to hop in spring puddles, splash to her heart’s content at free summer wading pools, jump in colourful piles of fall leaves, and enjoy skating and tobogganing in the winter.

I especially love living in Windsor Park, where I’m always within walking distance of a park or playground. I’m thankful that I have such wonderful, friendly neighbours who are always willing to offer a helping hand to others, whether it’s to share the bounty from their gardens in the summer or helping clear driveways in the winter.

Whatever you consider to be your community — whether it’s your church, your neighbourhood or even this great country of ours — take a moment this Thanksgiving season to think about how truly blessed we are to be a part of it.


Source : Winnipeg Free Press

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