Skyline Park hiking trails reopen Saturday

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Skyline Wilderness Park is scheduled to reopen its trails in the fire-damaged upper section of the park on Saturday, Jan. 20.

Parts of the park last October burned during the Atlas Fire and related backfires. The danger of fire-damaged trees falling and hurting hikers and bikers led to these sections being closed for more than three months.

The park on its website announced that admission on Saturday will be free. The park is on 850 acres at 2201 Imola Ave. east of the city of Napa on state-owned land. Napa County leases the land and the Skyline Park Citizens Association runs the park.

Also, the Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District announced that the trail to the top of Mount St. Helena is open. The trail closed in the wake of the Tubbs Fire near Calistoga.

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