‘Ski Resorts Are Facing A Triple Threat’: Why Australia’s Multi-Billion Dollar Snow Industry Could Collapse In The Future – And The Reason Experts Think China Could Hold The Key To Its Survival

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Survival of Australian ski resorts as they battle against a warming climate may be in the hands of Indian and Chinese immigrants, experts believe.

There was a record of more than 2.2 million visitors to the country’s snow fields last year, but few were found to make long-term financial investments in snow sports.

The trend sets current snow-lovers apart from Baby Boomers, who not only enjoyed deeper snow and longer seasons, but immersed themselves fully in snow culture, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

‘Snow resorts are facing a triple threat: climate change, changing leisure patterns and declining participation from an ageing population,’ University of Canberra researcher Dr Tracey Dickson said.

‘So how do you get more people into resorts that have large infrastructure commitments?’


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