Safety Tips for Winter Winter Hiking

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Hiking in the winter can be a beautiful experience, but it is one that needs to be done with caution.

“If something looks dangerous, it more than likely is dangerous, snow and ice that appears safe to walk on can be very dangerous, it can be slippery and we don’t want to see anyone fall into the gorges,” says Jamie Williamson, Public Information Officer for Ithaca Police Department

Commons sense is what Officer Williamson says is one of the most important things to use when hiking during the winter, and making sure you use some of the their tips to avoid any accidents.

“We encourage folks to bring a cell phone if they can so they can call if there is an emergency..use the buddy system.. You know bring a friend with you so that you both can follow the rules as you go along and god forbid if you find yourself in harms way, he or she can go get help with you,” says Williamson

If you are not planning on using the buddy system or bringing your cell phone, it is very important to let loved ones and friends know where you are going and when you plan to come back.

“We try each year to encourage folks again to enjoy our gorges but to do so safely and responsibly…those posted signs and rules are in place to keeps folks safe,” says Williamson

Signs and trail markers are posted throughout the hiking trail if you ever question if you are on the correct path or not.

For more information on trails in Ithaca, you can click here to be direct to the trails website.

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