Great Ice Fishing On Lake Manitoba

Photo: portageonline


Ice fishing this year has been the best in the last 4 years on Lake Manitoba.

Alan Gaudry of the Lake Manitoba Commercial Fishermen’s Association, tells us about the spike in pickerel production.

“Four years ago our total production on the lake was 110,000 kilos. “He adds, “The year after was 180,000, last year was 225,000, and this past winter we are nearing 400,000 kilos which is more than triple the total for four years ago.

Gaudry says we can only assume that the increase shows the lake is healthy and producing a lot of fish.

He adds, they were able to get onto the lake in November this year as opposed to previous years where they couldn’t start the season until December.

Fish prices have increased, and are the highest they have seen so far.

This helped to bring in more fisherman and to get the younger generation interested in the fishing industry.

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